Kin: cafe concept store

Gary Wang aka DJ V-Nutz


Hello Successful Design Awards – China Fans!

Yesterday, awards team members, Genevieve and Echo headed to Julu Rd to interview local boutiques about design in China and promote our award. Julu road is packed with interesting stores, cafes and local designers. At the center of it all is Kin, a design concept cafe and store. It was created and managed by Gary Wang. You may reckognize him from the DJ stand at the club, The Lab under the name DJ V-Nutz. Echo and I caught up with him to talk about his inspiration for Kin.

Awards: What is the concept behind you store?

GaryWang: Kin is not just a store, but it serves as a space to connect the shanghai community of designers. My background is music, but we try to create a space that is related to music as well as the design community. Also, I am kind of a foodie, so we added a cafe so designers could meet for a drink and check out the store.

Awards: what role does your store play in the greater Shanghai design community?

GaryWang: Since we have started, we have been helding creative design events. We have speakers, movies. Tonight we are showing a documentary about sneakers called just for kicks. but we also hold all kinds of events featuring art and music of local designers in Shanghai.

Awards: Are there any similar stores like this one in shanghai?

Gary Wang: don’t think there are many stores like us, we are very unique, and we have drawn in  a lit of loyal shanghai creatives to our store.


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  1. Nice place, have to take a look later.

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