Successful Design Awards – China Meets Carl Liu

Yesterday, Successful Design Awards – China Team Members had the special opportunity to speak with Carl Liu. Carl Liu is a well-known industrial designer, receiving his training at the famous Art Center College of Design in the U.S and Switzerland.  He currently works as the partner and design director of Idea Dao Design Shanghai.

Carl Liu discussed the differences between the Asian and Western design markets. The most significant difference between the Asian and Western market, he said, was the focus of each market. The Asian market is far more business oriented than product oriented.  The Asian design market is still quite new in comparison to the West, and in order to develop the market, Asian businesses must be more concerned on what the product can do to grow their business. The West can afford to focus more on the creative elements of design.  Carl intends to bridge the business and creative focus in China through his own brand. In terms of research, Carl said that his research is based on client needs, but that research is not an important factor in innovative design, joking that Apple and Ikea do not even employ a research team for their products. This is because they are focused on creating something that is so innovative that the market has not even considered it as a possibility.


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