Successful Design Awards – China Team Meets Jamy Yang Mingjie

Yesterday, Successful Design Awards – China Awards team had the opportunity to talk to Jamy Yang Mingjie, a well known designer in China. Yang Mingjie is an award-winning designer with accolades ranging from the Red Dot Concept Gold Award to the Design for Asia Silver Award. Jamy Yang Mingjie currently serves as the design director of the company he helped establish, Jamy Yang and Associates Design.

Jamy Yang Mingjie’s company is currently working on thirty to forty projects focusing on electronics and household appliances. Jamy spoke enthusiastically about his study of industrial in Germany.  He said that due to the fact that the German design market is much older and more developed than the Asian market, so it provided him with a solid foundation and in depth exposure to many different types of projects. His design philosophy is focused on the needs of the consumer. He believes the most successful designs are the ones that maximize the benefit to the consumer. His research strategy is based on the demands of the client, and the type of product they are asked to design.  Jamy characterized the shanghai design industry as more financially focused and predicts that the trend will continue in that direction.


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