Excerpts from our yearbook interview with Mr. Michael Tsang

If you have not yet seen our special reports from the 2010 yearbook, here is an excerpt of an interview with Mr. Micheal Tsang, director of AGC Design Ltd, the company that designed the Boutique cinema @Windsor.  Boutique Cinema @ Windsor was a winning design in last years 2010 design awards.

How do the aesthetic and practical aspects of the design interplay with each other?

Mr. Tsang: We intergrated aesthetics and function at the same time.  For example, in the foyer ceiling feature and cinema house wall panels, which have an integrated functional lighting design, while the patterned glass feature is used for screening and shading.

What design research went into this project?

the design concept is usually from inspiration rather than figures. this involves how aware we are in our everyday lives. Pablo Picasso said, “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them” Which is my design motto.  Of course, the cinema is located at a very familiar place for us in Hong Kong, a place that I pass around three times each week.  So awareness of the surrounding environment was, to me, never an issue. On top of this, based on my experience of over 20 cinema projects during which I had direct dialogue with top management teams, marketing and front line staff as well as end users’ requirements.  This feedback can be taken from listening to people all around.


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