Interview with Jonzn Chung: Designer of the Asus Eee 1018P

We asked Jonzn Chung, the designer of the Asus Eee 1018P, a winning design from the 2010 Successful Design Awards – China, about his design, and what he believes makes a design successful. Here is what he said!

Can you talk a little bit about your design?

Eee pc 1018P series has a focus on “affordable mobility device” that is also user friendly. The design team figured out the perfect balance between affordability and experience. It has an ultra-slim profile (21.9mm)+ Long battery life (10hurs)= High mobility(1.1kg) .With careful attention to detail, EeePC 1018 series provides a genuinely pleasurable user experience, while also appealing to the trend conscious consumer. Design object should be easy to please people. Our designers work hard to create maximum value for the user under limited conditions. Eee pc 1018P series create a new elegant style in netbook segment.

What kind of challenges did your project present?

Because of the cost limitation, the designer sought a balance between elegance and efficiency.  We were challenged to create a product at a maximum value for the user. The Eee 1018P series creates a new standard of elegance and style in the notebook segment.

How does your project advance innovation and previous conceptions of design in your field?

1.Ultra-slim profile (21.9mm)+ Long battery life (10hurs)= High mobility(1.2kg)

2.Affordable price ($399) but high quality enjoyment (Aluminum finish )

3.Friendly use experience : solid key feeling keyboard , camera cap, sheet touchpad, screw-less design and a good texture.

How has winning Successful Design Awards – China impacted the commercial success of your design?

It got more attraction and attention in China and in the worldwide market after winning Successful Design Awards – China. By media’s promotion, we had more opportunity to touch marketing side.

Why and how you became a designer?

I like thinking and making things by hand. After I applied to the Industrial Design program in college, I had a chance to be face to face with design experts. They had the attitude and vision that I was looking for. Designers make things fabulous and easy to use. They make things that touch people, and the world. Their imaginations are interesting and colorful!

What’s your philosophy about design?

Design is all about taking daily details and developing products that fulfill the needs of people. Starting from empathy, the designs are inspired to make life more wonderful. Designers should always keep the role as storyteller and create an fabulous life experience by their design.

What makes a design most successful?

Design is part of human activities. Design is life and life is design. People experience the beauty of design from daily works and though design people enjoy their life more than ever. The good design is created by consideration and empathy…what can provide the best solution for people is the best design.

Thanks for sharing Jonzn!


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