Awards Team Meets David Ding


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Yesterday, our awards team talked with designer, David Ding, from edg Creatives. David Ding was the project concept designer for the Sony Ericsson Alternate Universe, their new corporate office headquarters. The project was a top awarded design in last year awards competition.  David was responsible for the design concept, detail, and project management. edg Creatives and Sony Ericsson selected David to lead the project.  Right away, the project presented major challenges: Sony Ericsson wanted the interior design of their headquarters to represent the company’s four elements: optimism, energy, beauty, and playfulness and gave David a two week time constraint for the layout and the concept, as well as a very limited budget to accomplish the task.

First David began to conceptualize how he would fit these four elements into his design. What he created were static parts that had an energetic flow in their rounded and curved shapes.  He used white and black as the main colors for the pieces to represent classic beauty, but added accents of green, red, orange, blue, yellow, and purple to add playfulness and optimism into his design.  While the material is static, the curved edges appear to interact with one another which radiates a certain flow and consistency throughout the headquarters.

When asked why the design is successful, David replied that its success is because it achieved the vision of the space, fit into the culture of the client, but also met the two week deadline and price point.  In terms of his own philosophy on successful design, David cited four main elements to achieving successful design: client satisfaction, company satisfaction, designer fulfillment, and appreciation for the public who are able to experience the design.  Innovative design should use past work and teachings of past designers to progress their own designs.


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