Gao Yue Cang talks about the Splendid Jade Furniture Series

Today, Our awards team met with Gao Yue Cang From Aurora Co. Gao Yue Cang studied industrial design for his undergraduate degree. He was initially drawn to the design industry through his dual passion for drawing and engineering.
Aurora Design Center is a professional design team that exclusively serves Aurora Furniture in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  It is considered one of the best regional furniture design teams.  We spoke with Mr. Gao about Aurora’s design concept for the furniture series, Yu Zhi Hua.   The series is made up of touch controlled LED energy saving lamps, and storage space that reflects the Chinese cultural heritage.

The design team initially began to design the splendid jade furniture series in 2005. They wanted to create a design that reflected Chinese culture, but had a powerful, magnificent presence in a room. And what better way to find this inspiration than China’s cultural capital, Beijing? The team traveled to Beijing, finding much of their inspiration inside the Forbidden City, specifically, the form of the dragon chair inside the Forbidden City. There were a few challenges that the team met in their initial design.  The team was still young, and new to the industry.  They were also still figuring out how to best understand the consumer.  They discovered how important it was to understand the mind of the consumer when they asked a local Beijinger whether a certain distance was long or far.  The man answered that the distance was short, however, it took the team over an hour to reach their destination. They realized if they had such different concepts of time, that there may be other things that are different, and they must seek to understand. The other challenge that they had to meet was making sure al of their furniture designs would fit into an elevator. They had to be careful to carefully design and measure all of their designs.

Gao Yue Cang believes that successful design is not just art, but the most successful designs have a commercial use, and are created responsibly with an emphasis on working conditions and sustainability.  The design must also have a significant meaning behind it.  When creating a design that is truly successful, the designer must understand the nature of the consumer, and turn consumer opinion into an innovative concept.  Mr. Gao also reported that winning an award for China’s Most Successful Design awards brought him a lot of publicity and a more well known reputation. Thanks for meeting with us Gao Yue Cang!


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