La Fong Jewelry Design

The Awards Team was lucky to catch up with the creative director from La Fong jewelry and admire a few pieces from their collections.  Melanie, the creative director, explained that she had always been drawn to art, and enjoyed frequent visits to art museums. She first began a career in marketing, but came up with the idea to use enamel designs as a way to introduce chinese culture inspired jewelry design internationally.  The focus for all of La Fong’s design is China.  They are inspired by Chinese history, and have jewelry series drawn from the xi’an clay soldiers, bamboo basket weaving, even the beijing chinese opera.  Melanie explains that she believes chinese symbols are especially representative of chinese culture and are not only beautiful but also meaningful things to put on jewelry.  When asked about successful design, she believes that true success in jewelry design is creating something beautiful that is meaningful to the individual who chooses to wear it. It serves individual creativity as opposed to something that serves the community.  Jewelry is personal, and should tell your story.  The trick, melanie says, is marketing the jewelry and showing the world what La Fong has to offer.  It was a pleasure to meet melanie and see a few of her pieces! Check a few of my own pictures of La Fong’s jewelry below.

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