Indra, manual washing machine

Because of general poverty and high price for electricity, people in India can not afford having a washing machine, and instead they use the services of dhobi people (the washer men), who do the laundry manually as you can see on the picture above. That is a hard and time consuming work. Indra is a low-cost, low-tech washing machine which requires no electricity to operate. It has a pedal mechanism which starts the spinner when pushed. Nice design and low-price will make the work of dhobi people way much easier.

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2 Comments to “Indra, manual washing machine”

  1. After the pedal is pushed to start the spin action what energy source continues the spinning action to complete the water extraction cycle? What is the purchase price relative to the net monthly income of the target purchaser? If target audience is a “collective” what is the expected approximate number dhobi people needed to group together to make an economically viable investment in this piece of capital equipment?

    • Indra is only at the concept stage, and we have limited information about the device, so we can not give definite answers to your questions. However, the designers promise that Indra washing machine will be a low-cost device with an affordable price, as the main target audience are dhobi people, who obviously do not possess big funds.

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