Ceremony 2011

This year, 4th of November became a significant day in the world of China’s industrial design. China’s Most Successful Awards 2011 Ceremony gathered prominent designers to honor the best industrial designs of the year. The Ceremony was held at stylish Shaks pavilion, in the center of Hongqiao Park, surrounded by splendid landscape. Shaks pavilion was used as a venue by world renowned companies including Ferrari and Gucci. This year the Awards’ jury had to review 349 entries and select 83 winner designs. The jury evaluated designs not only by their appearance but also by three other factors: strategy, process and results.

Evaluating strategy criteria, jury paid attention to the reasons the project was initiated and the targets it aims to achieve.

Process wise, the jury looked at the resources and methodology used in production.

As for the results, jury evaluated the design execution, its benefits for society, as well as achievement of the design’s initial goal.

Guests started arriving to the ceremony by 6.30 PM. At the entrance, two oriental beauties, members of the organizing team, welcomed visitors and handed out badges depending on the guests’ profile. The guests were classified into 4 categories: VIPs, Award Winners, Media, and Guests of the ceremony.  VIP list included government officials, influential and recognized people in the area of industrial design, as well as other very important guests. Media coverage of the event was organized by Forbes China, Shanghai Business Review, id-China, BillWang, Jiaju.Sina, Design in China, China Design Network, Sina House, Tencent Weibo and Card+ Media.

At the first floor of Shaks pavilion visitors were exposed to the demonstration stands of Awards sponsors: Kokuyu – Japanese elegant office stationery producer, and Materialise – Belgium based 3D printing company. Kokuyu installed office space demo featuring a working desk, high comfort office armchair, a cabinet and stationary. Guests were invited to experience a comfortable office ambiance created by Kokuyu, leaving many people with very positive emotions. Materialise revealed its 3D printing technology to public. With the transparent top anyone could look into the printer and observe 3D printing process live! ChocChoco offered its delicious chocolate to guests. The main attraction was a chocolate-made monument with the logo of China’s Most Successful Design Awards created by the company’s chef.

VIP guests and Winners were asked to leave their signatures on the board of Fame. Some creative guests, additionally to their signature, left mini masterpiece drawings on the board which became a main attraction and background for guests’ photo taking.

Elegant design of venue’s interior, rousing music by DJ and cocktails by Rives all contributed to creating an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Public at the ceremony was laidback and open to free communication, providing a great chance for professional network expansion and simply to meeting new interesting people.

The second floor of the venue was used for the actual ceremony. At 7.30 PM Awards Ceremony 2011 took off. Opening speech was given by Mr. Wang Ri Hua the Secretary General of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, Mr. Zhong Jiangong the chief editor of Forbes China and Ms. Cathy Huang the president of CBi China Bridge, proceeded by the winners honoring. First, 60 winners of Successful Design Award were invited to the stage in 10 groups of 6 people to be honored for their winner entries and outstanding designs, followed by the awards of top 15 winners. In between of the honoring process, the Awards sponsors Mr. Sakagami of Kokuyo gave his speech on “People + Desing” and Ms. Kim of Materialise talked about the development of design industry and 3D printing.

This year China’s Most Successful Design Awards accepted 349 entries in total, out of which 83 were selected as winner designs, including 15 top awards winners. The major “Diamond Award” winner of 2011 was announced “Naked Stables Private Reserve”, a project  of a world class resort with all the amenities and facilities – horse stables, clubhouse, pool bar, restaurant, conference facilities, wellness and spa, 3 swimming pools, teahouse, galleries, kids club, activities centre, yoga pavilion and of course exquisite accommodation with breathtaking views.

The ceremony lasted for almost 2 hours, however, due to the reigning atmosphere at the event time passed swiftly. When the formal part of the Awards was over, everyone was invited to stay for after party to enjoy cocktails, snacks, music and communication with colleagues.

The Ceremony 2011 left only positive impressions. With every year there is a significant progress and we do our best to make China’s Most Successful Design Awards bigger, stronger, and more recognizable as China’s major industrial design award.



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