Fotile Nearly Suction Style Lamp Black Machine. Gold award winner


In a market that has been filled with European-type kitchen extraction machines since 1998, product homogeneity is increasing, with such machines ill-suited to Chinese cooking. This design is suitable for consumers who place utility at a premium. With a contemporary appearance, it feature concise straight lines and blends with all kinds of kitchen decor. The hood features lead-free crystal blue star ash-toughened glass. With the 45° chamber at the edge, the whole machine appears more exquisite and high-grade. At the front, there are movable front glass shields which are used to block smoke dispersion. Under the help of open design and wide vision, the closer, the more it easily clears off. The COANDA smoke board has a large flat surface which it’s easy to clean. The oil sump more than regular cup of oil 10 times which helps to reduce frequency of waste oil emptying.

Three core techniques:

1. Smoke guidance

The COANDA smoke board can get lampblack diffusion under control and guide it to be absorbed quickly.

2. Side absorption with air on both sides

Two dynamos on both sides make control of the up and down wind roads. So it has a double strong suction

3. Triple lampblack separation

Under the protection at each stage, the filtering lampblack keeps the major parts healthy.

This design meets our demand on the initial project position, and gets the reorganization from consumers. At the same time it brings huge economic benefit to enterprises. In a word, it is one of our typical design cases.

The product’s key advantages over competitors when it comes to the particularities of Chinese cooking includes its ability to deal with a wider diffusion of oil and smoke, its ease of cleaning, and its combination of function and form.

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