Mr.8 ZTE Platinum award winner

Nowadays, Chinese chess i commonly played all around the world. But can you imagine visually impaired people from different countries and communities with different cultures playing the game without any trouble? The Public Design Lab of the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has made this possible with their design, “Chess for All”. It consists of a newly invented tactile system which overcomes the limitations of conventional Braille and cultural differences, meeting the call of society with inclusive and equal opportunities for all.

The Mr.8 (TD-U220) is a TD-model cell phone of ZTE, with its main target consumers being young students. Appearance, circuitry, hardware and software design was all independently researched and developed. Dominated by the industrial design ethos that shape comes first, the Mr.8 marksa an affinity with newer, simpler thinking as its design theme – the basis of ZTE’s language for customer solutions.

With a strong design sense and unique appearance, the Mr.8 also embraces green technology while focusing on users experience, leading to a design firmly grounded in both business and humanity.

Advocating green low carbon ,Mr. 8 refuse wasting ,inflexible and impossible.It reflects environmental aspects to connect phone packaging with USB line.When users disconnect traditional cell phone packaging, packaging becomes usefulness which both occupy space and creat waste. USB of Mr. 8 adopts FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) ultra-thin data wires which are compressed in interlayer of packaging thickness. Tearing the packaging along the dotted line and then you can get the USB itself. So the process of tearing is also openning the package. The teared USB package can be used when connecting built-in charger and the instructions are printed in two cards left.

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