Successful Design Awards – China

“Successful Design Awards – China” is a prestigious annual award held in Shanghai since 2006.   The award seeks to honor the top international designers and enterprises for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market. Designs are judged by looking at an all-encompassing view of the design from its conception to its commercial outcome. The award is operated by CBi China Bridge, China’s first design management consultancy.

The Mission

Successful Design Awards – China is created to empower, celebrate, and elevate the Industry of Design. It is guided by the vision to improve the value provided to business and society through successful design.


Designers and companies from around the world that actively create a positive impact and influence in the Chinese market are eligible for the award. Guided by the vision to improve business and society through successful Design. Successful Design Awards – China categories for 2011 include design concepts, services and tangible goods.



  • Home Appliances
  • Sports
  • Communication & Entertainment
  • Medical
  • Computer & Business
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Furniture and Lighting
  • Video and Audio Equipment
  • Household
  • Toys
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Memorabilia/Gifts
  • Industrial
  • Services


Visual Transmission 

  • Packaging Graphics
  • Indicating System
  • Webpage or Interface
  • Posters or Publicity Material
  • Corporate Identity Programs
  • Front Design
  • UI Design
  • Design of Books or Magazines

Fashion Design

  • Fashion Accessories
  • Bags and Luggage
  • Costume (including functional dress)
  • Textile Fabrics



  • Motorcars
  • Public Transportation
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Yacht
  • Mechanism



  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Commercial Space
  • Public Facilities

Awards & benefits

Award Ceremony

The grand ceremony is held in the end of October annually, showing achievements and honor of designers and companies to the media, the public and potential business partners.

DiamondPlatinum        Gold Most Successful Design AwardSuccessful Design Award
 AwardTop1 AwardTop2 AwardTop2  AwardTop10 AwardMore than 25

Certificate & Trophy

After the results declaration, every winner receives a certificate as well as the trophy to honor their accomplishments.

Endorsement Mark

The Successful Design Awards – China Endorsement Mark is available to all award winners. That provides an official right to use Successful Design Awards – China logo.

Publicity in the media partners

There will be significant local and international media exposure for the winning designs. The Media Department of the Organizing Committee issues a press release, which will be available to download for publicity purposes. Winners of the Successful Design Awards – China will have the opportunity to be interviewed by the award’s media partners for free or get a discount with the coverage.

Online Exhibition

All awarded entries will be represented with images and a description in both English and Chinese on Successful Design Awards – China website. This exhibition is not limited in duration.

Successful Design Awards – China Yearbook

All awarded entries will be published in 2011 Successful Design Awards – China Yearbook, including images, information on designers and a description in both English and Chinese. This excellent publication serves as a reference tool all over the world and is therefore a great advertising instrument for each participant. All the award winners will receive two copies of 2011 Successful Design Awards – China yearbook.


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