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March 14, 2012

Karim Rashid in Shanghai

On 12 March, BoConcept in Shanghai celebrated the release of a new collection by Karim Rashid.  Karim is a celebrated designer with collections, work, and art installations around the world.

BoConcept’s store in Shanghai is centered in the stylish Xintiandi neighborhood, and Shanghai residents can view the collection there.  Karim’s new Ottowa collection is a study in comfort, design and functionality.  Karim talked about the importance of furniture’s comfort and functionality, and how the collection was inspired by the city he first studied design in,Ottowa.

The event at BoConcept’s Shanghai store kicked off with Karim’s speech, and then he was presented a gift of “four treasures” – a calligraphy set.  He was put to a test to paint something with a calligraphy brush and came up with a self portrait.

The overall vibe of the collection is minimalist, yet modern and functional.  The table’s legs and shape are designed to accommodate tall people (Karim is quite tall – he overshadowed his Chinese translator!) with comfort.  The chairs are inspired by leaves and have cross-table profiles; perfect for tucking in your legs.  The collection also comes with a custom-designed set of espresso cups, saucers, and mugs.  Bright orange lamps serve as pops of color.

February 29, 2012

Award Category Mash – Product and Service Design

In the spirit of the celebrating China’s most successful designs, product and service design is something that most commonly comes to mind when one thinks of the word “design.”  Product design ranges from everything to a cell phone for the blind….

2009 Most Successful Design Award

….To a light timer that lets you draw the amount of time until your lights go off.

2009 Most Successful Design Award

Service design is something that we  include within product design for the design awards, but it’s an emerging plane – especially in China.  Service design is defined as creating holistic, human-centered services centered around well-understood consumer needs.   Characteristics include customer centered focus, interdisciplinary approaches, application of design thinking process, and deploying constant brand value.  Essentially, service design is what keeps customers coming back to your business when your competitor is offering the same thing.  The more centered you are on your customers, the better service design your business will have.

The Global Service Design Jam is a nonprofit event organized worldwide to promote the nascent idea of service design.  The Jam gathers people in cities from around the world, and gives these groups a 48 hour window to design a service around a given theme.  Shanghai recently participated in the service jam, and 5 teams designed around the theme “Hidden Treasure.”  You can read more about the prototypes developed here.

November 30, 2011

Field of light

Field of light is a light installation by Bruce Munro, a part of exhibition at the Holburne Museum in Bath, England. The installation consists of 5,000 light bulbs planted all around the museum, creating a magic almost “fairy tale” atmosphere.  Bruce was inspired by the view of flowering reaction at the Barren dessert after the rain that he encountered during his trip around Australia 20 years ago. His first “Field of light” was presented to public back in 2004 in London.

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November 9, 2011

2011 Successful Design Awards – China Winners

To see all the winner designs of 2011 Awards please follow the link!

November 9, 2011

Gold Award winners of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

HD camcorder CAM300

Philips Design

Stefano Marzano & Design team

CAM300 is an easy to use movie camera. The camcorder is designed to be as simple as possible. The

small and slim design fits easily into your pocket.

Fortile Nearly Suction

Style Lampblack Machine

This is a nearly suction style of lampblack machine, suitable for rational consumers who pay much attention on utility.

With fashionable appearance, it is featured by concise straight line and graphic design, available for all kinds of kitchen decoration. On both sides, that windshield made of the lead-free crystal blue star ash toughened glasscreates the atmosphere of flexibility. With the 45° chamfer at the edge, the whole machine appears more exquisite and high-grade. At the front, there are movable front glass shields which are used to block smoke dispersion.

Under the help of open design and wide vision, the closer, the more it easily clears off. The COANDA smoke board has a large flat surface which it’s easy to clean. The oil sump more than regular cup of oil 10 times which helps to reduce frequency of waste oil emptying.

Three core techniques:

1. Smoke guidance

The COANDA smoke board can get lampblack diffusion under control and guide it to be absorbed quickly.

2. Side absorption with air on both sides

Two dynamos on both sides make control of the up and down wind roads. So it has a double strong suction

3. Triple lampblack separation

Under the protection at each stage, the filtering lampblack keeps the major parts healthy.

This design meets our demand on the initial project position, and gets the reorganization from consumers. At the same time it brings huge economic benefit to enterprises. In a word, it is one of our typical design cases.

November 9, 2011

Platinum Award winner of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

Shanghai Museum of Glass | architecture design

The Shanghai Museum of Glass is located on a former glass manufacturing and processing site in the northern District of Baoshan, Shanghai (China). The site covers a total area of 40,300sq.m and consists of thirty industrial buildings varying in age, condition and scale, with most of them still being used by glass related industries. The owner, Shanghai Glass Co., aimed to upgrade the site, and selected two buildings to become the Shanghai Museum of Glass to kick start the project. It is the first glass museum in China, and one of the first museums in China based on a modern, interactive experience exhibition concept. The museum covers an area of 5,500sq.m spread over two existing and two new building sections hosting the museum exhibition space, a glass art gallery, several workshops for both artists and visitors, event and temporary exhibition spaces, a café and offices, storage and supporting facilities. The Shanghai Museum of Glass building is the first and central building of an under-planning; glass, art, research & technology park that branded G+ Glass Theme Park (G+ Park).

Due to the projects (current) industrial site location and lack of public transport conditions along with the time investment to travel to the site; the Shanghai Museum of Glass needed a compelling reason for people visit. This includes the museum’s un-mistakable façade and its’ multi-functional design all within the context of the G+ Park.

The museum acts as landmark and main image for the project. Its entrance building is equipped with an outstanding façade made of especially treated glass, and will be the icon and “loss leader”. It is located at the main plaza, clearly visible for passersby and serves as entrance for the site, providing information about the project and leading visitors through the building or along the central axis.

November 9, 2011

Platinum Award winner of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

ZTE Mr. 8

Mr.8(TD-U220)is TD model cell phone of ZTE and its main customers are young students.

Advocating green low carbon ,Mr. 8 refuse wasting ,inflexible and impossible.It reflects environmental aspects to connect phone packaging with USB line.When users disconnect traditional cell phone packaging, packaging becomes usefulness which both occupy space and creat waste. USB of Mr. 8 adopts FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) ultra-thin data wires which are compressed in interlayer of packaging thickness. Tearing the packaging along the dotted line and then you can get the USB itself. So the process of tearing is also openning the package. The teared USB package can be used when connecting built-in charger and the instructions are printed in two cards left.

October 9, 2011

Shanghai Events for October

Here is the list of some interesting design events and exhibitions in Shanghai for October, 2011.

Interior Lifestyle China

Organized by Messe Frankfurt Shanghai, Interior Lifestyle fair exhibits a wide range of interior accessories including kitchenware, tableware, small electric appliances, furniture, pieces of art and many others. Basically, everything you need for interior decoration.

Date:  October 12 – 15, 2011

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Centre, No. 1000 Yan’an Road, Shanghai, 20040


Q Confucius Zhang Huan Solo Exhibition

The largest solo exhibition in China by world-renowned artist Zhang Huan. With Confucius—the traditional saint in Chinese culture as his inspiration, the now Shanghai-based artist explores the impact on art, society, and religion of China’s rapid economic, cultural, and environmental changes in this exhibition.

Date: October 15, 2011 – January 29,2011

Venue: RockBund Art Museum Shanghai


China International Art & Glass Decoration

This event displays world glass art and new decoration technology. Glass art might be a nice solution for interior decoration, so don’t miss the chance to discover something new for yourself.

Date: October 25 – 27, 2011

Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center – Intex Shanghai, Shanghai, China


The 4th China Shanghai International Art Furniture & Rosewood Furniture Expo

This exposition features Rosewood furniture, furniture accessories & furnishing, antique Chinese as well as modern Western furniture.

Date: October 27 – 30, 2011

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Centre, No. 1000 Yan’an Road, Shanghai, 20040

September 23, 2011

Event of the Week

Technology for Marketing & Advertisement

Technology For Marketing & Advertising China is an event for marketing related technology for marketing sales media and advertising professionals. The event will offer all the latest industry developments, expert insights, leading suppliers, and hottest products as well as a forum for you to hear about what has and has not worked for your industry peers and other businesses.

Visitor’s Profile

Visitors include professionals from digital marketing, advertising, direct marketing, brand management, agencies, and publishing – the innovators, facilitators and executors of marketing & advertising strategies.

Exhibitor’s Profile

Profile for exhibit include Advertising, Audio-Visual Communication, Photography, Print & Electronic Media, Signage, Point of Purchase, Promotional Material, Outdoor Advertising, Computers, Photography/Film/Video, Printing/Packaging/Design, Print & Electronic Media.


Shanghai Pudong Expo, Shanghai, China
Date: Septmebr 27 – 28, 2011
Industry Focus: Media & Advertising