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December 2, 2011

The Shanghai Museum of Glass

Our Platinum Award Winner “The Shanghai Museum of Glass” is located on a former glass manufacturing and processing site in the northern District of Baoshan, Shanghai. The site covers a total area of 40,300 sq.m and consists of 30 industrial buildings varying in age, condition and scale, with most still being used by glass-related industries. The owner, Shanghai Glass Co., aimed to upgrade the site and selected two buildings to become the Shanghai Museum of Glass to kick start the project. It is the first glass museum in China, and one of the first museums in China based on a modern, interactive exhibition concept. The museum covers an area of 5,000 sq.m spread over two existing and two new building sections hosting the museum exhibition space, a glass art gallery, several workshops for both artists and visitors, event and temporary exhibition spaces, a cafe and offices, storage and supporting facilities. The Shanghai Museum of Glass building is the first and central building of a glass, art, research and technology park branded G+ Glass Theme Park.

At the moment, the museum hosts 3 exhibitions and 4 galleries. There is a chance to see the hot glass performance, which promises to be impressive. Moreover, you could rent a hot glass studio and a blowing assistant to make your own glass piece of art!


Building 8, 685 Changjiang Xi Road,

Shanghai 200231, P.R. China

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November 16, 2011

China’s best designs 2011

Shanghai Museum of Glass

From the gleaming façades of myriad skyscrapers; historical ties with international craftsmanship and style; as well as recently unearthed archeological gems, Shanghai’s mastery of glass is as long as it is versatile. Fittingly housed in the former premises of the Shanghai Glass Factory, the museum pays homage to this extensive history, skill and indeed very fabric of Shanghai today, where swathes of glistening glass-clad towers dominate the cityscape.

Axor Bouroullec basin and mixer

The Axor Bouroullec bathroom collection comprises more than 70 individual products – from mixers to accessories and from wash basins to bath tubs. A bathroom collection that adapts to you and your needs; that gives you the freedom to design the best bathroom solution for you. It’s a matter of more individuality; of shaping your life in line with your own, personal visions.

  • The mixers can be positioned over, on and around your wash basin with almost complete freedom
  • Integrated shelves on the wash basin, bath tub and exposed installation mixer provide room for the mixer and personal utensils

The designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec let you decide what to do with your objects. The Axor Bouroullec collection is about allowing people to design their own personal bathrooms. Precisely tailored to the specific environment, customs and personal style.

Gourd Thermo-mug


The “Gourd” is a 350mL double- walled stainless steel thermo-mug. The gourd shaped water container evolved from a traditional method of commuter bottle.

Asus Eee PC X 101

Asus EeePC X101 cares consumers and transfers the empathy into design The harmony of the curves determines the form of this affordable computer. Featuring aesthetic, harmony curves and compact mechanism, this design is a revolution of netbook series and anchored in exquisitely slim and light. It gives new meaning to the term ultra portable. With a goal to strive toward mobility, the design of this computer focuses on the communication of the people and their life style. The flowing curves and compact mechanism built up the thin and weightless framework with an absolute affordable price which brings a wireless info receive and sharing experience that correlates contemporary simple life style and economic trend. While X101 is in such size and weight, it still maintaining the timeless elegance and classic beauty that exude style.


Artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde (1979) remarkable works of art function as a documentation of the dynamic relation between architecture, people, and technology.

His designs, such as ‘Dune’ and ‘Intimacy’, are tactile high-tech environments in which viewer and space become one. This connection, established between ideology and technology, results in what Roosegaarde calls techno-poetry.

In 2009, Roosegaarde won the Dutch Design Award. He has been the focus of exhibitions at the Tate Modern, the National Museum in Tokyo, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and various public spaces in Rotterdam and Hong Kong.
Bamboo chair
It was said, Chinese furniture marker use the forest area more than ten times of Hong Kong. Please imagine How much woods has been used.The designer hope make change by our hands. The best choice is replace wood. Use another reproducible low carbon material. This is our new design. The series drawing room furniture use hundred percent solid bamboo. add color painter, fabric and some Chinese element. It looks more vogue, more modern and more usefully.
Luxgeon Neora Concept Car
“Neora”, is the combined words from “Neo” and “Era”. “Neo” in Greek simply means “new”; so thatthe Neora is the Luxgen design team at HAITEC’s interpretation of “New Era”.
In the era of the global warming, with the disaster happening around g g, pp g the world, as people are thirstingafter the energy to propel the world moving forward, we in the transportation business has the obligedresponsibility to provide consumer with clean and sustainable means of transportation, without losing the integrity and the essence of an automobile, the emotional attribute that is essential to a vehicle.
In ear ear-phones SHE9000

SHE9000 In-ear Headphones have an easy grip and fit perfect in the ear, even on the go. Housed in superior metal, these earphones are shielded from unnecessary vibration for accurate sound transmission, resulting in smooth bass response, and clear mid-to-high range tones.

Headband headphones SHB 9100 Philips Design Stefano Marzano & Design Team

The SHB9100 is a new mid-sized Bluetooth headband that incorporates the benefits of wireless technology, the comfort of a “floating cushion design” and great sound quality.

The application of quality materials ensures a solid built quality and comfortable fit. Additionally, the floating cushions ensure a great level of fit whilst allowing to maintain a seamless/conic design. Bluetooth technology allows users to listen to music and talk on the phone without the hassle of wires or phone interaction.

Philips Notebook Pico Projector

The PPX1630/CN is a portable compact pico projector designed for multiple ways of input and use cases. It is able to receive signals from various media (PC, Smart Phone, media stored on USB sticks, Camcorders, BDP/DVD players and other sources). A built in battery allows operating this projector anywhere at any time. A power charger is included for more permanent use or charging. An integrated keypad on the top surface provides an intuitive navigation through the onscreen menu. The overall soft shape supports the minimal physical footprint (100mm x 100mm x32mm). In combination with the elegant black piano gloss finishing the dark chrome accent elements enhance the overall sophisticated look and feel.
HD Camcroder CAM 110 BL

CAM110BL is an easy to use movie camera with a very simple UI and built-in USB. The camcorder is designed to be as simple as possible. The advanced anti-shake technology lets you take great videos that you will always be proud to share.

GreenVision BRP361/362/363 Philips Design Stefano Marzano & Design team

GreenVision is a LED-based road-lighting solution that delivers reliable performance and significant energy savings. It is available in a choice of sizes to suit different applications, and with three optics for different road width and spacing configurations.

Fidelio SoundSphere Docking Speaker DS9800W Philips Design Stefano Marzano & Design team

DS9800W is nothing less than a complete high fidelity music system with the sole aim to deliver outstanding musical fidelity from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. For those who want precision and purity from their music, it lets you get the best quality sound.

Bubies Lingerie PpluP Designers Limited

In a nutshell, our vision for the first Bubies Lingerie Limited flagship store was that of a complete sensory experience that communicated class, sophistication and genuine excitement. Synthesising bold design aspects, thoughtful green elements and mesmerising aesthetic details, we created a symphony of a feminine fairy-tale aura with the bold sensual attraction of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. This is in line with our passionate belief in creating something daring, unconventional yet functional and conducive to business and consumer needs.
Landscape in Bustling City COMODO Interior & Furniture Design Co. Ltd.
With the plan of business expansion, the designer transformed his new design studio into a “natural landscape in bustling city”.
“FLY” 3D glasses
To improve the traditional 3-D TV glasses heavy and rigid look and make the product more light weight for a better wearing experience with new design.  Through the form of 3-D surface design to change the user’s emotions to make consumers experience the 3-D technology pleasurably.  The curved glasses frame is perfectly match the people’s head to achieve the most comfortable wearing condition, it also goes along with the conventional glasses to support and dissipate forces to reduce burden on nose.  Whether used alone or cooperate with glasses all very comfortable.  Sitting or lying down in the state to watch 3 d TV are equally clear stability.  All components are independent, and can be separated apart, when products part is damaged, it only needs to replace the damaged part.  The independent replacement parts design can reduce waste, protect environment and show durability.  Glasses legs used the best elasticity and reductive PR90 materials and SF finishing to provide users comfort and safeties when they wear them.  The unique structured type and the metal circle line glasses frame combined together stably. The simplified design reduces products weight in vision.

The back curve design is not just for prevent speaker is blocked when it lays on a flat surface, but is also shaped for hand holding to enhance stability of single hand operation. Keep good operability and comfort with both horizontal and vertical operation. The clear partition of the keyboard reduces operation mistake. The targeted consumers are primary smart phone users, the small and exquisite design is more attractive, the interface design is also modified according to the commonly used function more convenient and fast use. Curved surface design has reduced the product connect area between product and flat surface to increase its abrasion resistance and service life. The curved shape design makes the products show more affinity and uniqueness. The combination of fruity shape and colors make the product distinct character, and the more energetic. The simplified design and partial details with decorations to make it more elegant look, and short cut the distance between technological products and users.

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November 9, 2011

2011 Successful Design Awards – China Winners

To see all the winner designs of 2011 Awards please follow the link!

November 9, 2011

Gold Award winners of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

HD camcorder CAM300

Philips Design

Stefano Marzano & Design team

CAM300 is an easy to use movie camera. The camcorder is designed to be as simple as possible. The

small and slim design fits easily into your pocket.

Fortile Nearly Suction

Style Lampblack Machine

This is a nearly suction style of lampblack machine, suitable for rational consumers who pay much attention on utility.

With fashionable appearance, it is featured by concise straight line and graphic design, available for all kinds of kitchen decoration. On both sides, that windshield made of the lead-free crystal blue star ash toughened glasscreates the atmosphere of flexibility. With the 45° chamfer at the edge, the whole machine appears more exquisite and high-grade. At the front, there are movable front glass shields which are used to block smoke dispersion.

Under the help of open design and wide vision, the closer, the more it easily clears off. The COANDA smoke board has a large flat surface which it’s easy to clean. The oil sump more than regular cup of oil 10 times which helps to reduce frequency of waste oil emptying.

Three core techniques:

1. Smoke guidance

The COANDA smoke board can get lampblack diffusion under control and guide it to be absorbed quickly.

2. Side absorption with air on both sides

Two dynamos on both sides make control of the up and down wind roads. So it has a double strong suction

3. Triple lampblack separation

Under the protection at each stage, the filtering lampblack keeps the major parts healthy.

This design meets our demand on the initial project position, and gets the reorganization from consumers. At the same time it brings huge economic benefit to enterprises. In a word, it is one of our typical design cases.

November 9, 2011

Platinum Award winner of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

Shanghai Museum of Glass | architecture design

The Shanghai Museum of Glass is located on a former glass manufacturing and processing site in the northern District of Baoshan, Shanghai (China). The site covers a total area of 40,300sq.m and consists of thirty industrial buildings varying in age, condition and scale, with most of them still being used by glass related industries. The owner, Shanghai Glass Co., aimed to upgrade the site, and selected two buildings to become the Shanghai Museum of Glass to kick start the project. It is the first glass museum in China, and one of the first museums in China based on a modern, interactive experience exhibition concept. The museum covers an area of 5,500sq.m spread over two existing and two new building sections hosting the museum exhibition space, a glass art gallery, several workshops for both artists and visitors, event and temporary exhibition spaces, a café and offices, storage and supporting facilities. The Shanghai Museum of Glass building is the first and central building of an under-planning; glass, art, research & technology park that branded G+ Glass Theme Park (G+ Park).

Due to the projects (current) industrial site location and lack of public transport conditions along with the time investment to travel to the site; the Shanghai Museum of Glass needed a compelling reason for people visit. This includes the museum’s un-mistakable façade and its’ multi-functional design all within the context of the G+ Park.

The museum acts as landmark and main image for the project. Its entrance building is equipped with an outstanding façade made of especially treated glass, and will be the icon and “loss leader”. It is located at the main plaza, clearly visible for passersby and serves as entrance for the site, providing information about the project and leading visitors through the building or along the central axis.

November 9, 2011

Platinum Award winner of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

ZTE Mr. 8

Mr.8(TD-U220)is TD model cell phone of ZTE and its main customers are young students.

Advocating green low carbon ,Mr. 8 refuse wasting ,inflexible and impossible.It reflects environmental aspects to connect phone packaging with USB line.When users disconnect traditional cell phone packaging, packaging becomes usefulness which both occupy space and creat waste. USB of Mr. 8 adopts FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) ultra-thin data wires which are compressed in interlayer of packaging thickness. Tearing the packaging along the dotted line and then you can get the USB itself. So the process of tearing is also openning the package. The teared USB package can be used when connecting built-in charger and the instructions are printed in two cards left.

November 9, 2011

Diamond Award winner of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

naked Stables Private Reserve, is set in 65 acres of pristine land.  It will be a world class resort with all the amenities and facilities – horse stables, clubhouse, pool bar, restaurant, conference facilities, wellness and spa, 3 swimming pools, teahouse, galleries, kids club, activities centre, yoga pavilion and of course exquisite accommodation with breathtaking views.

November 9, 2011

Successful Design Awards – China. Ceremony 2011: A huge success!

Shanghai, 4th November 20Successful Design Awards – China. The awards seek to honor the top international designers and enterprises for designs that are the most successful in the Chinese market.

Over 300 guests joined the festive ceremony held at Shaks Pavilion in Shanghai. Designers, thought leaders in the industry, government officials and over 20 media gathered to celebrate and elevate the industry of design. Joint organizers of the Awards Ceremony, were Forbes China and CBi China Bridge. Main sponsors were Kokuyo and Materialise.

Organized by the Shanghai Industrial Design Association and Shanghai Creative Industry Center, Successful Design Awards – China attracted 349 entries in total. The 83 winning designs, chosen by group of leaders, pioneers and educators from the international design community, were revealed during the ceremony.

For the list of all the winners please follow this link to the Awards web site

September 30, 2011

Industrial Design Awards ceremony coming soon!

One of the major and the most anticipated design awards – China’s Most Successful Design Award is proud to announce that the awards ceremony of 2011 will be held on November 4th at the stylish Shaks pavilion close to the city center of Shanghai. In addition to honoring and awarding the winners, many creative industry elite and leaders, as well as local media and government officials will attend the ceremony. It would be a great opportunity to communicate with your colleagues and extend your professional network. 

The awards ceremony of 2010 attracted many participants from various fields and exceeded even the most positive expectations. Out of a vast number of participants, 74 designs were selected by our jury for the award. The winning products represented product designs of five categories: Product & Service design, Transportation, Visual transmission, Fashion design, Spaces. The list of award winners included such world renowned companies as Philips, Asus, Electrolux and Whirlpool.

This year we expect the ceremony to be even more exciting, with lots of new remarkable designs and many respected guests of the Design world. Do not miss a chance to participate at one of the biggest industrial design events in China. Please RSVP to get a free yearbook and gift, the reservation is active until October 12th.

Time: November 4th, 2011 at 18:30 P.M.
Location: Shaks (No.9, West Zi Yun Rd, Changning District /长宁区紫云西路9号)
Featured Website (coming soon):
RSVP:   +86 21 50596066-884

September 21, 2011

Industrial design events of the week in Shanghai

Shanghai International Road Lamp, Patio Lamp & Outdoor Lamp lighting fair

Shanghai International Road Lamp Patio Lamp & Out Door Lighting Fair (RLF) is one of the leading trade fairs for all lamp industry sector in China. It is held twice a year, March in Guangzhou and September in Shanghai. The exhibition will be held on September 21st – 23rd, 2011 in Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion which is organized by Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.


Shanghai International Road Lamp Patio Lamp & Out Door Lighting Fair (RLF) is one of the leading trade fairs for all lamp industry sector in China.

Exhibitors’ profile

Profile for exhibit includes Outdoor lighting: outdoor lamp, garden lamp, street lamp, solar lamp, landscape lamp; Interior lighting: pendant lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, crystal lamp; Commercial lighting: stage lamp, emergency lamp, spot lamp, down lamp, car lamp, project light, fixture light; Electric light source: energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED light source; Holiday lighting: holiday lamp, Christmas lamp, treetop lamp; Light fittings: lamp shade, lamp holder, acrylic fitting, plastic fitting, ceramic fitting, hardware fitting, glass fitting, switch, electric wire, plug, socket, ballast; LED fittings and materials and equipment and supplies and other Lighting related products.


Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
Date: September 21 – 23, 2011
Covered Area: 4,600 Square Meter
Industry Focus: Electronics & Electricals

China International Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances and Technology Expo

China International Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances & Technology Expo offers complete array of kitchen and bathroom appliances, include: kitchen electrical appliance, ventilator, water heater, faucet, sink, accessories, shower cabinet, stool, shower head, bathtub and so forth. It sets the standards which the others measure themselves against.


Many of exhibitors attending the expo are from China Kitchen and Bath Production Bases Pavilions, such as China Valve Capital C Yuhuan in Zhejiang Province, China Capital of Kitchen Appliances- Shengzhou in Guangdong Province, China Kitchen and Bath Hardware Fitting Manufacturing Base- Fenghua in Zhejiang Province, China Stainless Steel Products Manufacturing Base- Xinhui GuangDong Province and etc.

Exhibitor’s profile

Profile for exhibit includes Cabinet and Component, Kitchen & Bathroom Electrical Appliance, Shower Room and Fitting, Kitchen & Bath Hardware Products and Accessories, Pumping Appliances and Equipments, Kitchen & Bathroom Furniture, Food processing equipment.


Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), Shanghai, China
Date: September 21 –  23, 2011
Industry Focus: Household Consumables