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November 25, 2011

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September 30, 2011

Final results are out!

Dear participants! Today, we are proud to announce that the jury results are officially out and the winners are being announced. If you haven’t received an email with your result, please let us know by sending an email to


P.S. October 1 – 7 is a national holiday in China, so we will be out of office during the next week.

September 28, 2011

Final steps!

We are happy to announce that our jury panel just accomplished the judging procedure. Now, we are managing the average scores. It is so excited to know the most successful designs!

The winner is …

We can’t tell you now, please follow our web site and stay updated on the latest news of the Design Award! We wish you the best of luck!

September 21, 2011

Inspiration. Carbon fiber bathtub

Carbon fiber bathtub designed by Corcel, the German design house based in Salzburg, Germany . When you look at the bathtub you can see its aerodynamic shape which gives you a feeling of speed. Taking a bath in this bathtub you will feel yourself as Formula1 driver. The design also captures artificial light, reflecting it in a sophisticated manner. According to Trendir, the carbon fiber tub is part of a limited edition called  ‘No 1′  and belonging to the company mentioned above. Now this type of design is definitely not for everybody.


August 16, 2011

Food For Thought, Quotes from some of our Jury…

Geoffrey Bradfield

Founder of GEOFFREY BRADFIELD INC. OFFICES, designed palatial residences, private jets and yachts, and unique office environments for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.

I think for an interior to be successful, it needs the following ingredients: harmony, cohesion, comfort and some wit or whimsy. I like the challenge of bringing individual meaning to a room.  To achieve perfect balance and symmetry, I keep in mind F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous line about a personality being ‘an unbroken series of successful gestures.

Karen Reuther

President of the Design Management Institute

Successful design is one that connects to the heart and mind of the consumer, that anticipates and responds to an unmet need or want, and integrates into their lives seamlessly, whether it be a product, experience or service. ”

M P Ranjan

Governing Council of the IICD, Jaipur, Professor of National Institute of Design in India

“Design is like a potent seed that can grow if it is nurtured by society and through these collaborative processes produce huge change in the world.”



International Leading Industrial Designer, designed Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Centre Pompidou,Paris and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal

“As far as I know there is nothing that guarantees success. One does not create simply to be successful. One creates to explore the existence of human life and therefore creates censorial, symbolic products, objects and architecture by addressing the cultural needs of people.”

Cathy Huang

Founder and President of CBi China Bridge

Let us raise the awareness of design strategy in the business world, spreading to the masses what truly successful design really is as well as enjoying the transformation of China from “Made in China” to “Create in China!”

Jiangong Zhou

Chair Editor of Forbes China

“A good design delivers both satisfaction and elegance to users. And a consistent style that combines esthetics and efficiency brings sustained trust to users. ”

August 16, 2011

Most Successful Design Awards 2011

Collaborating with Forbes China for the Awards Ceremony…

By the end of October, China’s Most Successful Design Awards & Forbes China, a leading source of reliable business news and financial information will come together to host this years awards ceremony in Shanghai. This a great opportunity for the creative industry to unite with the business world to honor and celebrate the industry of creative designs in China.

The Awards would be recognizing excellence in the strategic and social impact of design, as well as marketing and financial success. Once again China’s Most Successful Design Awards is showcased to the business world and society, bringing higher profit and recognition through the alignment of precision technique and design processes.

New Sponsor…

In addition to our partnership with Forbes China, KOKUYO, Japan’s leading stationery and office furniture company would also be joining China’s Most Successful Design Awards in celebrating creative designs and innovation as one of our new sponsor.

KOKUYO has continuously developed its value to Japanese business customers from work-style and workspace perspective. As a result, Kokuyo has established its innovation and creative value proposition in the office furniture business. Here in China, backed by the concept “people + design”, Kokuyo aims to deliver functional and artistic office spaces and furniture for Chinese business customers.



Download the Participation Guide and Apply on-line now!

August 1, 2011

La Fong Jewelry Design

The Awards Team was lucky to catch up with the creative director from La Fong jewelry and admire a few pieces from their collections.  Melanie, the creative director, explained that she had always been drawn to art, and enjoyed frequent visits to art museums. She first began a career in marketing, but came up with the idea to use enamel designs as a way to introduce chinese culture inspired jewelry design internationally.  The focus for all of La Fong’s design is China.  They are inspired by Chinese history, and have jewelry series drawn from the xi’an clay soldiers, bamboo basket weaving, even the beijing chinese opera.  Melanie explains that she believes chinese symbols are especially representative of chinese culture and are not only beautiful but also meaningful things to put on jewelry.  When asked about successful design, she believes that true success in jewelry design is creating something beautiful that is meaningful to the individual who chooses to wear it. It serves individual creativity as opposed to something that serves the community.  Jewelry is personal, and should tell your story.  The trick, melanie says, is marketing the jewelry and showing the world what La Fong has to offer.  It was a pleasure to meet melanie and see a few of her pieces! Check a few of my own pictures of La Fong’s jewelry below.

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July 28, 2011

Gao Yue Cang talks about the Splendid Jade Furniture Series

Today, Our awards team met with Gao Yue Cang From Aurora Co. Gao Yue Cang studied industrial design for his undergraduate degree. He was initially drawn to the design industry through his dual passion for drawing and engineering.
Aurora Design Center is a professional design team that exclusively serves Aurora Furniture in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  It is considered one of the best regional furniture design teams.  We spoke with Mr. Gao about Aurora’s design concept for the furniture series, Yu Zhi Hua.   The series is made up of touch controlled LED energy saving lamps, and storage space that reflects the Chinese cultural heritage.

The design team initially began to design the splendid jade furniture series in 2005. They wanted to create a design that reflected Chinese culture, but had a powerful, magnificent presence in a room. And what better way to find this inspiration than China’s cultural capital, Beijing? The team traveled to Beijing, finding much of their inspiration inside the Forbidden City, specifically, the form of the dragon chair inside the Forbidden City. There were a few challenges that the team met in their initial design.  The team was still young, and new to the industry.  They were also still figuring out how to best understand the consumer.  They discovered how important it was to understand the mind of the consumer when they asked a local Beijinger whether a certain distance was long or far.  The man answered that the distance was short, however, it took the team over an hour to reach their destination. They realized if they had such different concepts of time, that there may be other things that are different, and they must seek to understand. The other challenge that they had to meet was making sure al of their furniture designs would fit into an elevator. They had to be careful to carefully design and measure all of their designs.

Gao Yue Cang believes that successful design is not just art, but the most successful designs have a commercial use, and are created responsibly with an emphasis on working conditions and sustainability.  The design must also have a significant meaning behind it.  When creating a design that is truly successful, the designer must understand the nature of the consumer, and turn consumer opinion into an innovative concept.  Mr. Gao also reported that winning an award for China’s Most Successful Design awards brought him a lot of publicity and a more well known reputation. Thanks for meeting with us Gao Yue Cang!

July 22, 2011

Awards Team Meets David Ding


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Yesterday, our awards team talked with designer, David Ding, from edg Creatives. David Ding was the project concept designer for the Sony Ericsson Alternate Universe, their new corporate office headquarters. The project was a top awarded design in last year awards competition.  David was responsible for the design concept, detail, and project management. edg Creatives and Sony Ericsson selected David to lead the project.  Right away, the project presented major challenges: Sony Ericsson wanted the interior design of their headquarters to represent the company’s four elements: optimism, energy, beauty, and playfulness and gave David a two week time constraint for the layout and the concept, as well as a very limited budget to accomplish the task.

First David began to conceptualize how he would fit these four elements into his design. What he created were static parts that had an energetic flow in their rounded and curved shapes.  He used white and black as the main colors for the pieces to represent classic beauty, but added accents of green, red, orange, blue, yellow, and purple to add playfulness and optimism into his design.  While the material is static, the curved edges appear to interact with one another which radiates a certain flow and consistency throughout the headquarters.

When asked why the design is successful, David replied that its success is because it achieved the vision of the space, fit into the culture of the client, but also met the two week deadline and price point.  In terms of his own philosophy on successful design, David cited four main elements to achieving successful design: client satisfaction, company satisfaction, designer fulfillment, and appreciation for the public who are able to experience the design.  Innovative design should use past work and teachings of past designers to progress their own designs.

July 14, 2011

Interview with Jonzn Chung: Designer of the Asus Eee 1018P

We asked Jonzn Chung, the designer of the Asus Eee 1018P, a winning design from the 2010 Successful Design Awards – China, about his design, and what he believes makes a design successful. Here is what he said!

Can you talk a little bit about your design?

Eee pc 1018P series has a focus on “affordable mobility device” that is also user friendly. The design team figured out the perfect balance between affordability and experience. It has an ultra-slim profile (21.9mm)+ Long battery life (10hurs)= High mobility(1.1kg) .With careful attention to detail, EeePC 1018 series provides a genuinely pleasurable user experience, while also appealing to the trend conscious consumer. Design object should be easy to please people. Our designers work hard to create maximum value for the user under limited conditions. Eee pc 1018P series create a new elegant style in netbook segment.

What kind of challenges did your project present?

Because of the cost limitation, the designer sought a balance between elegance and efficiency.  We were challenged to create a product at a maximum value for the user. The Eee 1018P series creates a new standard of elegance and style in the notebook segment.

How does your project advance innovation and previous conceptions of design in your field?

1.Ultra-slim profile (21.9mm)+ Long battery life (10hurs)= High mobility(1.2kg)

2.Affordable price ($399) but high quality enjoyment (Aluminum finish )

3.Friendly use experience : solid key feeling keyboard , camera cap, sheet touchpad, screw-less design and a good texture.

How has winning Successful Design Awards – China impacted the commercial success of your design?

It got more attraction and attention in China and in the worldwide market after winning Successful Design Awards – China. By media’s promotion, we had more opportunity to touch marketing side.

Why and how you became a designer?

I like thinking and making things by hand. After I applied to the Industrial Design program in college, I had a chance to be face to face with design experts. They had the attitude and vision that I was looking for. Designers make things fabulous and easy to use. They make things that touch people, and the world. Their imaginations are interesting and colorful!

What’s your philosophy about design?

Design is all about taking daily details and developing products that fulfill the needs of people. Starting from empathy, the designs are inspired to make life more wonderful. Designers should always keep the role as storyteller and create an fabulous life experience by their design.

What makes a design most successful?

Design is part of human activities. Design is life and life is design. People experience the beauty of design from daily works and though design people enjoy their life more than ever. The good design is created by consideration and empathy…what can provide the best solution for people is the best design.

Thanks for sharing Jonzn!