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September 16, 2011

Cathy Huang gives speech at IDSA international conference in New Orleans

Cathy Huang, President of CBi China Bridge, delivered a speech on “China’s community past, current and future” at the 2011 IDSA conference in New Orleans today. As China shifts from command to market-based economy, the Chinese are evolving a new sense of community. For hundreds of years Chinese people have held family and extended family as a prime value. How those values affect and shape the current market? Does the one child policy somehow shape the gaming and social networking?  How do the modern family values affect banking and lending? In her speech, Cathy shared some of the insights gained from the nine years research, shed light on both the current consumer as well as the developing market shifts.

IDSAIndustrial Designers Society of America, is the world’s largest and oldest, member-driven society for industrial and product design, interaction design, human factors, ergonomics, design research, design management, universal design and related design fields.