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December 2, 2011

naked Stables Private Reserve

Previously, we had already posted some brief information about our Diamond Award winner naked Stables Private Reserve. In this article we would like to tell you a little bit more about that great project. Generally, the project strives to become the first LEED ( Leadership in Environmental Energy Design) in Asia. naked Stables Private Reserve is set in 65 acres of pristine land. All buildings are designed in a way to minimize their environmental impact and fit in with the natural surroundings. The Private Reserve will save up to 35% of its total energy use through the combination of intelligent building design to create well-insulated envelopes and the use of energy-efficient water source heat pumps for heating and cooling. In addition, the resort will save over 30% in water consumption. As well as cutting edge technology,many traditional construction techniques such as stone masonry walls, bamboo and recycled timber-framed structures, and traditional mud wall constructions are also employed.

The naked Stables Private Reserve includes  the naked Leaf Wellness Center which offers personal consultations and a range of treatments, holistic therapies, yoga and meditation, diet and exercise regimes that incorporate all sides of the resort. As for accommodation there is a big choice of residences available for rent, such as clay houses in the forest, and villas at the top of the hills. No matter what type of accommodation you chose, you will be surrounded by beautiful nature, comfort, and the feeling of luxuriousness.

That would be a great place to visit and to escape from the haste and stress of metropolitan life! The reserve is located outside Shanghai and there is a big variety of transportation available to reach the Reserve.

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November 9, 2011

Diamond Award winner of Successful Design Awards – China 2011

naked Stables Private Reserve, is set in 65 acres of pristine land.  It will be a world class resort with all the amenities and facilities – horse stables, clubhouse, pool bar, restaurant, conference facilities, wellness and spa, 3 swimming pools, teahouse, galleries, kids club, activities centre, yoga pavilion and of course exquisite accommodation with breathtaking views.