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December 2, 2011

The Shanghai Museum of Glass

Our Platinum Award Winner “The Shanghai Museum of Glass” is located on a former glass manufacturing and processing site in the northern District of Baoshan, Shanghai. The site covers a total area of 40,300 sq.m and consists of 30 industrial buildings varying in age, condition and scale, with most still being used by glass-related industries. The owner, Shanghai Glass Co., aimed to upgrade the site and selected two buildings to become the Shanghai Museum of Glass to kick start the project. It is the first glass museum in China, and one of the first museums in China based on a modern, interactive exhibition concept. The museum covers an area of 5,000 sq.m spread over two existing and two new building sections hosting the museum exhibition space, a glass art gallery, several workshops for both artists and visitors, event and temporary exhibition spaces, a cafe and offices, storage and supporting facilities. The Shanghai Museum of Glass building is the first and central building of a glass, art, research and technology park branded G+ Glass Theme Park.

At the moment, the museum hosts 3 exhibitions and 4 galleries. There is a chance to see the hot glass performance, which promises to be impressive. Moreover, you could rent a hot glass studio and a blowing assistant to make your own glass piece of art!


Building 8, 685 Changjiang Xi Road,

Shanghai 200231, P.R. China

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