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October 26, 2011

Sustainable furniture

Punkalive design company strives to achieve a recognition for its environmentally friendly furniture. Made solely from a  laminated veneer lumber called Kerto wood, which is made from Finnish Spruce, the furniture’s design and production methods emphasise the principles of ecology and sustainability. The wood is sourced from within a 100km radius of the Punkaharju factory where the furniture is manufactured and the sawdust from furniture component production is reused. The local power company transmits the heat from the production mill to the town’s heating system, which provides substantial energy savings for the local community.

matryoshkarim cropped Ecological & Sustainable Furniture from Punkalivematryoshkarim12 600x4001 Ecological & Sustainable Furniture from Punkalive







October 26, 2011

“Free falling” chair

Design by Professor Ezri Tazari of Bezel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, “Free falling” chair is made of perforated metal sheets put together in a trapezoidal form. Giving it a comfortable seat is done with the help of a mannequin filled with concrete of 100 Kg weight. Watch the production process in the video below.

October 23, 2011

Materialise 3D printing at London Design Festival 2011

Belgium based company, Materialise is an active player in the field of Additive Manufacturing since 1990. The company has a largest capacity of Additive Manufacturing equipment and a global reputation as a provider of innovative software solutions. Moreover, Materilaise has acquired a position of a market leader in 3D printing and Digital CAD software.

In September, Materialise took part at London Design Festival 2011. During the festival, the world-renowned Murray Moss, called the Washington Post “America’s most closely watched purveyor of industrial design,” presented a special exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum (the V&A) entitled Industrial Revolution 2.0: How the Material World Will Newly Materialise. This exhibition involved the placement of 3D printed objects in eight strategic locations in the museum, with each piece telling a story through the interaction with its surroundings. All of the pieces involved were produced at the Materialise headquarters in Belgium.

Below you may watch behind the scene video

Report by Reuters

October 21, 2011

M3 chair

Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner presented his design the M3 chair at Vienna Design week.

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October 21, 2011

Never start an innovation with an Idea

Gijs van Wulfen explains in his article why you should never start an innovation process with an idea, which really blinds and makes you obsessed. Read the full article.

October 21, 2011

Innovation Master Plan

The Innovation Master Plan  by Langdon Morris provides a comprehensive approach to the problem of how to manage innovation in the face of excruciating change. You can read the whole chapter online, just follow the link.

Langdon Morris is a partner of InnovationLabs and a recognized expert in the field of innovation.

October 21, 2011

Creative photo shooting

Now photography can be even more creative with a Digimo Camera. It is a concept design of modular set of a few cameras that you can place anywhere and at different angles with the help of supportive accessories, and control the cameras remotely from considerable distance.

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October 21, 2011

Fridge managing your food

Futuristic refrigeration design by the University of Applied Sciences  in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany based on the idea that future product tags will be printable. The fridge will be able to display all the products it has inside on the touch screen monitor, including nutrition and expiration date information, it will have a built in smart cookbook and other possibilities. Just watch the video below.

October 21, 2011

Warehouse into residence

At the pictures below you may see a former warehouse in the suburbs of Sidney turned into amazing modern residence.

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