March 14, 2012

Karim Rashid in Shanghai

On 12 March, BoConcept in Shanghai celebrated the release of a new collection by Karim Rashid.  Karim is a celebrated designer with collections, work, and art installations around the world.

BoConcept’s store in Shanghai is centered in the stylish Xintiandi neighborhood, and Shanghai residents can view the collection there.  Karim’s new Ottowa collection is a study in comfort, design and functionality.  Karim talked about the importance of furniture’s comfort and functionality, and how the collection was inspired by the city he first studied design in,Ottowa.

The event at BoConcept’s Shanghai store kicked off with Karim’s speech, and then he was presented a gift of “four treasures” – a calligraphy set.  He was put to a test to paint something with a calligraphy brush and came up with a self portrait.

The overall vibe of the collection is minimalist, yet modern and functional.  The table’s legs and shape are designed to accommodate tall people (Karim is quite tall – he overshadowed his Chinese translator!) with comfort.  The chairs are inspired by leaves and have cross-table profiles; perfect for tucking in your legs.  The collection also comes with a custom-designed set of espresso cups, saucers, and mugs.  Bright orange lamps serve as pops of color.

February 29, 2012

Award Category Mash – Product and Service Design

In the spirit of the celebrating China’s most successful designs, product and service design is something that most commonly comes to mind when one thinks of the word “design.”  Product design ranges from everything to a cell phone for the blind….

2009 Most Successful Design Award

….To a light timer that lets you draw the amount of time until your lights go off.

2009 Most Successful Design Award

Service design is something that we  include within product design for the design awards, but it’s an emerging plane – especially in China.  Service design is defined as creating holistic, human-centered services centered around well-understood consumer needs.   Characteristics include customer centered focus, interdisciplinary approaches, application of design thinking process, and deploying constant brand value.  Essentially, service design is what keeps customers coming back to your business when your competitor is offering the same thing.  The more centered you are on your customers, the better service design your business will have.

The Global Service Design Jam is a nonprofit event organized worldwide to promote the nascent idea of service design.  The Jam gathers people in cities from around the world, and gives these groups a 48 hour window to design a service around a given theme.  Shanghai recently participated in the service jam, and 5 teams designed around the theme “Hidden Treasure.”  You can read more about the prototypes developed here.

February 24, 2012

Come Join the 2012 Service Design Jam Party!

Come join CBi China Bridge as we celebrate the results of the 2012 Service Design Jam!  The Service Design Jam is a 48 hour event in which teams of designers come together and design a product or service around a common theme.  The results will be unveiled at 3 pm on Sunday 26 February at the Kaibai Tap House.  For more information on the design jam, click here –

RSVP for the party with Tianwei Han at

For English flyer – Invitation Service Design Jam Party – English

For Chinese flyer – Invitation Service Design Jam Party – Chinese

February 22, 2012

Two New Workshops Hosted By CBi China Bridge

This spring, CBi China Bridge is hosting two exciting workshops.  The first, on 9 March, is an open workshop for Chinese speakers on identifying your personal creative style using the KAI (Kirton Adaptation Innovation) Method.  Registration closes next Monday, 27 Feb.

From April 11-13, CBi and LUNAR Design will present a workshop on user experience design.  Seasoned professionals and beginners are welcome.  Topics covered will include defining user needs and experiences, task analysis, developing storyboards, testing user interface, and many others.  Registration will close on March 15.

For information and registration on these great events, go here.

December 23, 2011

LA auto show 2011

December 23, 2011

LED breathe indicator


Another strange development – an indicator of respiration, which is an LED bulb that is inserted into the nostril and the lights every time you breathe. Even the inventor really can not explain why this is necessary, but looks like a cool idea in general.

December 23, 2011

Coffee set

Coffee set designed by Shanghai designer E square. He was inspired by the keyboard of Apple laptops.

December 23, 2011

The Ministry of Sound Headphones

December 16, 2011

Futuristic desk touchscreen

December 14, 2011

Giant iPod/iPhone dock

The gigantic iPhone/iPod Dock!! The iNuke Boom by Behringer is a 10,000 watts speaker, which is four feet tall, eight feet wide and weight of 700 pounds.