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November 25, 2011

Each other chair


Design by Takahito Araki. The chair consists of two almost identical parts which can not be used individually. The chair becomes steady and functional only when the two parts are slid together.


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October 26, 2011

Sustainable furniture

Punkalive design company strives to achieve a recognition for its environmentally friendly furniture. Made solely from a  laminated veneer lumber called Kerto wood, which is made from Finnish Spruce, the furniture’s design and production methods emphasise the principles of ecology and sustainability. The wood is sourced from within a 100km radius of the Punkaharju factory where the furniture is manufactured and the sawdust from furniture component production is reused. The local power company transmits the heat from the production mill to the town’s heating system, which provides substantial energy savings for the local community.

matryoshkarim cropped Ecological & Sustainable Furniture from Punkalivematryoshkarim12 600x4001 Ecological & Sustainable Furniture from Punkalive







October 26, 2011

“Free falling” chair

Design by Professor Ezri Tazari of Bezel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, “Free falling” chair is made of perforated metal sheets put together in a trapezoidal form. Giving it a comfortable seat is done with the help of a mannequin filled with concrete of 100 Kg weight. Watch the production process in the video below.

September 23, 2011

Elegant Silhouette Chair

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Michael Samoriz, designer of Ukraine-based Umbra Design Studio came up with this chair that constructs a new idea when it comes to seating unit design. Created as an elegant silhouette of the well-known seating unit, the Outline Chair displays a fantastic shape that compliments a modern home. In his search for this particular design, Michael Samoriz used simple, clean lines to create the “elegant chair, side path which looks like a closed line.” The chair can have a mix of different colours – this creates the opportunity of matching it with your personalized interior design. Whether you like the cut-out version or the one that showcases a duo of materials, the Outline Chair displays a distinctive design that differentiates itself from similar products. This chair can surely find a place in your home as long as you are willing to explore modern chair design and proudly display interesting and creative seating elements like this one in a corner of your home.